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Keeping the Boardwalk by Greg2014-11-29 20:17:15

Winter Haven, Florida

Master Botanist
1451 Posts
I'm pretty excited that it looks like they are keeping the lakeside boardwalk for the resort!

Other than using it for a "stroll" area, what do you think will be going in there?! I mean, it was originally meant for the animals with open areas. Will this just be a nature walk or something else? I can't imagine they'd add a bunch of Lego structures in there!
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re: Keeping the Boardwalk by Sean2014-11-30 23:14:39


I think they might end up keeping the section of boardwalk that borders the contains a boat loading pier where they used to ferry guests from one end of the park to the other. It could also be used to launch hotel guests on a scenic boat tour of lake Eloise.

Since Winter Haven doesn't have much of a nightlife to offer tourists, the park will probably end up removing the old animal exhibits around the boardwalk so some additional activity areas can be installed to entertain families.

The pictures you posted above mostly show the old alligator exhibit and bird aviary. I doubt they'll keep these in the long run since there are much better things that can take their place such as specially themed playground areas.
re: Keeping the Boardwalk by Sean2015-04-27 16:59:12


The park is definitely keeping the boardwalk...although I'm not sure what they'll eventually end up doing with the old animal exhibits. It appears the boardwalk might be accessible to regular park guests if they remove the chain link fence blocking the pathway adjacent to the designated smoking area. The old radio museum building is being refurbished but I don't know what function it will serve at this time.

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