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Today's Report by Greg2014-08-04 17:31:43

Winter Haven, Florida

Master Botanist
1451 Posts
Took my son today after not having been in awhile. It was threatening to rain all day, but they didn't close any rides (thankfully!) It was much busier than I thought it would be for a Monday.

The line for The Dragon was long around noon and we decided to come back around 4pm. No line then! The line for Coastersaurus said 30 minutes, but it was more like 15. Meanwhile, it was the reverse for Flight School! They were taking their time today!

Also, that got me thinking that there ought to be some more themed LEGO creations in the line at Flight School. A GeeBee style plane being worked on by a giant size greasy LEGO minifig would be cool. And up in the ceiling should be birds (pigeons) fluttering around. Maybe even dropping water "bombs" once in awhile.

Hit the Panini shop about 2:30 and there was no line (but there were plenty of people there eating which tells me they've sped up the process.) Pricing is a bit higher than I remember - $10 for an adult size sandwich with drink not included.

We meandered around back to Fun Town and I got some Apple fries. I added a cup of caramel for .50 and WOW, that really made it good!

Then we saw Clutch Powers 4D for the 37th time (I suppose.) Seems like they water in the theatre wasn't working. I was looking forward to the cool blast, but nope...

As we were heading out, I spotted a nicely dressed man wearing a white shirt. He was sweeping up trash from the ground. It was Adrian Jones! I said "Hi" and was surprised that he remembered me from the ticket line before the Grand Opening about 3 years ago! (I asked for his picture.) I said it was good to see him out and about out of his stuffy office. He said his computer was being fixed, so I guess he was looking for something to do. Said he also remembers me from this website.

So, yeah... It was a good day.
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re: Today's Report by LEGOLANDfan2014-08-04 22:22:28

Orlando, Florida

93 Posts
It's great to the General Manager of LEGOLAND Florida out and about! Glad you had a great time. I haven't been back to LEGOLAND in almost an entire year!
LEGOLAND Florida - a playful World of LEGO® adventures.
re: Today's Report by Greg2014-08-05 22:40:31

Winter Haven, Florida

Master Botanist
1451 Posts
Haha, what's funny is my friend joked that he got demoted to sweeper.

Adrian is a good guy. I'm glad he's the man in charge.
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