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Shuttle from Tampa to Legoland by June Ding2014-05-02 10:36:25

June Ding

Hi I wonder anyone is aware of shuttle from Tampa to legoland? I know legoland offers low cost shuttle from/to orlando, how about tampa? Thanks.
re: Shuttle from Tampa to Legoland by Greg2014-05-09 07:28:12

Winter Haven, Florida

Master Botanist
1451 Posts
Haven't heard of any shuttles from Tampa. I only know of the one from Orlando.
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re: Shuttle from Tampa to Legoland by Scott Eddy2014-05-13 03:58:20

Scott Eddy
Sarasota , Fl

4 Posts
Since the Seaworld parks and Universal team up for ticket packages, you would think Busch Gardens and Legoland would do the same along with providing a bus service between both parks.

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